Visit our newly expanded boutique.  We like to specialize in things not everybody sells.  We carry Designer clothes, designer collars and leads, male wraps, scat mats, seat belts, life preservers, fancy collars and just plain sensible collars with buckles or snaps.

We have pooper scoopers, containers that go with the pooper scoopers and shampoos, conditioners, skunk remover, flea shampoo, Frontline, flea spray, supplements, treats, books, cages for dogs, cats and birds, Gentle Leaders, and the videos, pants for girls in heat and pants for incontinent dogs.

To learn more about Gentle Leader head collars used to control your dogs leash manners go to:                         

Toys and even a cologne that lasts 2 weeks and smells out of this world.  We have coats for this winter and we sell Greenies, a toothbrush that cleans 87% of calculus from the teeth, helps in the digestion of their other foods and have no preservatives, artificial colors or plastics. No crumbs on the white carpet either! 

If we don't have what you want we will get it for you ASAP!!!