We carry four of the best pet foods on the market today for your best friend.  Today we are all concerned about what we eat because they say we are what we eat!  Well, the same is true for our 4-footed friends.  So we should be very concerned when it comes to feeding our pets.  They truly are what they eat!    Three Holistic foods we carry are Wellness by Old Mother Hubbard, Solid Gold, a hypo-allergenic food for dogs with food allergies, Innova & California Natural pet foods recommended for pets with sensitivities and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul, a product of Diamond Pet Foods . California Natural is made with the fewest ingredients possible in order to eliminate potential allergens that may cause itching and scratching associated with food sensitivities. To learn more about these products go to:                               For  California Natural                 For  Wellness                      For  Solid Gold   For  Chicken Soup

  Does your dog experience frequent digestive upsets? How about chronic licking at the feet, persistent ear infections, and chewing at the feet and base of the tail?  Their problem could well be an allergy to corn, wheat or soy, so check the ingredients on the dog food bag in your cupboard and take the test: feed food void of these products for six to eight weeks, and see for yourself if these symptoms resolve themselves.  This test could save your pet lots of pain and misery and you could really cut down on your vet bills too.  So try the rest then come buy the best for your "best friend" at Wee Care Pet Service.